Welcome to Liford Custom Calls

He started his hunting career riding the palmetto flats of Osceola county where his father taught him how to hunt deer and turkeys. When Gene Henry first picked up a turkey call, he obsessed over it and since then he cannot walk by any call without running a few yelps through it. Gene Henry built his first wing bone call in 2014 and what started as a hobby back in 2014 has grown into a business.  

Liford Custom Calls is a family owned and operated business, all calls are built by hand and every call that is built, passes through the hands of Gene Henry to ensure that the quality is the best his shop can produce. The Liford Custom Calls shop is located in the small north Florida town of Monticello. Everything from custom wing bone calls to hand pressed diaphragm calls and other custom game calls are made by hand. Each piece is crafted from start to finish, from feathers to thread; finely tuned by hand until the yelp is just right. Gene Henry works tirelessly to prefect every part of the process and I (Mallory) make sure he doesn’t go too crazy. We hope that you enjoy our version of “art” and maybe even add a piece to your collection. While our small shop has won several national awards for our craftsmanship and quality of calls, we never claim to be best, that’s up to the turkeys and our customers to decided and by the results that we hear and see… we must be doing something right. So if your new to this page, we ask that you stick around and shop a while and if you have any questions feel free to call, Gene Henry can always find time to talk about calls. 

***We ask that turkey hunters keep us in mind after each harvest… If you are not planning on using your bird’s wings, please send them our way. As much as we love to hunt, we can’t supply all the wings ourselves!***

Disclaimer: All woods are on an availability basis. In the event you would like an exotic wood, please contact us and arrangements can be made, but please keep in mind that this will increase the price of the call depending on market price of the wood.